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How to Enjoy the Holistic At-Home Coffee Experience

How to enjoy - Cosmic Brews Drip Kit

Prompt: I want you to think of a moment where you’ve experienced what might just be classified as ‘perfect joy.’ What was so special about that moment? Do you remember the scents? The sounds? The environment? What was it, specifically?

Maybe what comes to mind is a crescendo of specific recollections; for example, the way someone's smile crinkled, or how the sun was shining its perfect light. At the core of it all is how you felt - joy, happiness, bliss.

How might we welcome more of that in our lives? How might we create environments and experiences that have an open-door-policy on more joy and even serendipity?

Honestly, I don’t know… but maybe, juuuust maybe being open to new experiences and new information can help.

So how does this relate to coffee? Well, it does and doesn’t. What happens when we infuse mindfulness and wonder in the mundane? Well, maybe just that sense of making something seemingly ordinary feel quite special. 

Here’s some inspiration for designing your at-home coffee experience to induce more joy.

Set the Mood

Even if you have just a tiny little corner, you can craft it with art, color, your favorite mugs, and even create a sweet spot at home as a small coffee nook. Find a way to see coffee in both micro and macro details.

Invest in Product Design

Consider the holistic process of brewing or extracting coffee at home, holistically. You can try to do so via high-quality specialty coffee beans from your favorite cafe, roasters, or online coffee shop, and even think of making the brew process fun - try our at-home Cosmic Brews Drip Kit for example!

Activate your Senses

If you’re interested in crafting a better experience, try activating your senses through more mindful sipping or slurping your coffee. Take time to notice the bitterness, acidity, and overall flavors of the coffee you’re tasting. The Specialty Coffee Association has a great resource and chart for that here!

Make it Meditative

There is no perfect right or wrong way to meditate. The intention of meditation, however, is quite universal. The point of meditation is to find a space of calm, through the daily demands of the body, spirit, and mind. Maybe play some nice coffee tunes and set an anchoring point to simply enjoy the experience and be in the moment.


What works for some, might not work for all. What ways do you best enjoy your holistic coffee experience? Let us know in the comments!

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