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Five Ways to Brew Better Coffee at Home

Five Ways to Brew Better Coffee at Home

Did you know that you perform better and experience greater joy when you use the things you love? Think of your favorite pen or when you’re driving an amazing car. We love things and experiences that touch us emotionally because they are a direct connection between mind and heart. 

The book, Emotional Design by Don Norman, mentions three types of design: visceral, behavioral, and reflective. These are essentially three ways we experience design on an emotional level. Emotional Design emphasizes that experiences that couple the three elements of design, usability, and beauty are much more captivating because they create a meaningful, memorable, and more personal experience for people interacting with the product.

So, how can you use the principles from Emotional Design in brewing better coffee at home? Here are our top five ways to brew better coffee at home:


1. Go with your Mood 

Check-in with yourself and figure out what you’re in the mood for. Maybe it’s a hot summer day and you’re looking for an iced coffee of a cold-drip, or it’s a busy afternoon and you want to take a break with some espresso. Take time to reflect and decide on what you’d best love to enjoy!

2. Get Good Coffee

There are tons of varieties of coffees impacting the way you’d experience tasting them. The best way is to try many of them, and find out what you really enjoy! Maybe you like a darker roast profile or something a little lighter. Or you enjoy coffees from Costa Rica or Columbia, or Ethiopia! If you’re interested in more depth to taste, try out some nice specialty coffees, which are coffee beans selected at a higher quality grade than others.

3. Brew it Better

Depending on the type of coffee you’d like, there are tons of ways to brew. Try what fits your experiential preference, and go on and brew! We created our Cosmic Brews Drip Kit to help people like you brew it better from home and to have fun doing so!

4. Use a Favorite Mug

 That mug is your favorite for some specific reason. When you engage with things you love and enjoy, it inherently creates more depth, flavor, and joy in your experience. 

5. Set the Vibe

Music is a great way to enhance any experience. Set some coffee atmospheric vibes. Check out our Cosmic Brews Spotify vibe playlist for some inspiration!

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