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Born at the very start of 2021, Cosmic Brews is a coffee brand focused on one main thing: brewing it better. It started when the founder, Anna Mouchref decided she wanted to build the reality she wished to experience more of in the coffee world: a fun, exciting, playful, and vibrant coffee brand which makes coffee accessible to all (including self-proclaimed coffee snobs!). After a learning holiday at the espresso academy in Italy, Anna wanted to bring greater life to the coffee process, including creating more awareness of coffee flavors, aromas, and the bean process, including at-home brewing. 
Anna Mouchref - Cosmic Brews founder


My middle name is Badrieh, the Arabic word for ‘Full Moon,’ inherited from my maternal great grandmother, and paternal grandmother. I’ve always been inspired by the cosmos - the concept of the possible, infinite freedom, and a longing for what is unknown, paired with what has already come to pass, as well as the yet to come. This is part of my why with Cosmic Brews.

Growing up, I loved waking up in the morning to the smell of coffee brewing in the kitchen. My parents would brew Hazelnut coffee - I remember like it was yesterday. On the special occasion, they would make Arabic coffee, a completely different aroma, a blend of warm cardamom essence, and sweet nostalgia of family tradition. 

I remember sneaking around the kitchen during breakfast if my parents stepped out; I'd then take the coffee pot and pour coffee into my cereal... just so I could try it. I was five years old.   Fast-forward some years, many cafes I've fallen in love with, hundreds of different coffees tasted, multiple barista workshops, and a learning holiday at the Espresso Academy in Italy for Specialty Coffee Association certifications - I still love it all.

Coffee is a life-long passion. I'm fascinated by how those little beans can create ecosystems of community as well as the intimacy of unique individuality. I want to carry those feelings in a product, one with a beautiful design, an uplifting experience, and especially, resulting in a really great cup of coffee. That's why I built Cosmic Brews - for you to love the brewing process of coffee at home, as much you love coffee.


So here's to appreciating the whole process. I hope you enjoy Brewing it Better.




Founder of Cosmic Brews