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Why I Built Cosmic Brews

Why i built cosmic brews
Coffee is literally a binding part of our global society. From sourcing beans across South America, Africa, Asia, to roasting everywhere in the world. We all have different processes and love tasting different coffees. For me, it started as a child - I remember the sweet aroma of hazelnut coffee my parents would brew in our big coffee pot. On occasion, they’d make traditional Lebanese coffee - an herbal mix of cinnamon and cardamom. It was always so special.

Growing up with a love of coffee and culture, I found myself spending a lot of time in my neighborhood cafes. There was something so special about how they would bring communities of people together - over one little thing: coffee. It felt so meaningful. All of the conversations held between the pockets of warm sips of coffee. I truly believe that cafes are hubs for culture - to exchange conversation, connection, and so much more. I love that coffee is the bonding agent of it all.

After many years of fangirling in the coffee scene, I decided that I wanted to learn more - it felt unfair to say ‘I love coffee!’ Without truly knowing so much about it in detail. That’s where the journey really started.


I started taking classes on espresso, pouring coffees, and basically ways to be a ‘cool hipster barista!’. Somehow, though it was incredibly fun and enriching, it didn’t feel purposeful enough. I then spent some time at the Espresso Academy in Florence, Italy to really study coffee and specialty coffee, holistically. This meant everything from the plant itself, to the picking, processing, transportation, evaluating, roasting, tasting, and selling of coffee (and more!). This was my turning point.

Having a love and passion for education, I then began partnering with a friend in Munich, Germany, where we gave pop-up barista classes. We wanted to create more awareness and understanding of coffee, in a very human way. After some years connected to the coffee space, I took a step back to reflect on some things I learned.



Here’s what I found after deep-diving into coffee:



  • The coffee scene can be SNOBBY! And it doesn’t need to be at all!
  • Unless you’ve spent a lot of time working in coffee, there’s a huge gap in resources and understanding of it.
  • There are tons of great coffee brands out there, and somehow, it felt like I couldn’t find the right one for me with a design that’s playful and fun, and also connects to a nostalgic past and a hopeful future.
So based on that, here’s what I’m doing about it:


  • Making coffee HUMAN and FUN through simple, approachable, and exciting design so everyone can feel comfortable enough to authentically lean into it.
  • Creating simple educational and inspiring resources and content to help people really understand coffee.
  • Designing a brand and product centered around people who just love coffee, and want to live a big life - part of that includes the love brewing it better.

We all want to live big lives, to be in our power and flow, and have a great human experience while we’re here. Part of that power starts with some good coffee charge in hand, and a mind and heart willing to make it well. We’re here to help you Brew it Better.

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