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Brew Better Guide to Great Coffee

Using Your Cosmic Brews Drip Kit




Get in the mood with our Cosmic Brews Spotify Playlist 


Step 1: Set the Scene


  • Get all your gear in the above list ready. Fill the gooseneck kettle up to the max mark (between 300-350ml) of boiling water (198-205 Degrees F).
  • Set up your coffee stand with one paper filter in the stand’s filter, and place your favorite mug directly under the bottom spout of the paper filter. Now, scoop three spoonfuls of your favorite medium ground coffee into the paper filter.
step 1 brew better guide cosmic brews

Step two - Brew Guide - Cosmic Brews

Step 2: Pour, Drip, Act


  • Start pouring the hot water from the kettle. The first part of brewing great coffee includes the ‘blooming process’. To do that, just pour a bit of water in a swirling direction until all coffee grounds are saturated and give it a few moments (up to 30 seconds) of rest for the coffee grounds to bubble.
  • Next, resume pouring slowly and in a circular direction to keep the coffee grounds saturated and to extract as much flavor as possible.


Swirl the coffee grounds to make sure the brew is evenly saturated, and even take a small 20-second break between pours to let the coffee grounds do their thing. Keep pouring until your mug is full and/or you’ve finished the full water pour from the kettle.


Step 3: Enjoy!


  • That’s it! Swirl the coffee in your cup, and enjoy!
Step 3 - brew guide - cosmic brews


If it doesn’t go well the first time, just try it again!
Easy Clean-up: Just toss the paper filter with the ground coffee and give the metal filter holder a quick rinse with water!